In addition to only using healthy ingredients that are also highly nutritious and complex, Henry & Penny treats are grain-free!

A grain-free diet is often recommended for canines. However their foods are usually made with grains such as corn and cereal, which a dog is not well-suited to digest. Grains are often linked with digestive and allergic issues in canines. Grain-free is also more nutritious and closer to a dog’s natural diet (similar to a “paleo” diet).

A grain-free diet is particularly essential for brachycephalic breeds (flat-faced, like Henry and Penny ☺), however it is an advantage for any dog!

Health Benefits of feeding your dog grain-free food:
  • More Energy!
  • Fewer Allergies
  • Better Digestive System
  • Less Shedding and Shinier Coats!
  • Better Breath (mmm!!)
  • Helps Regulate Weight and Muscle Development