Henry & Penny Breakfast Buffet (The Reason Behind our Gourmet Treats)


The Henry & Penny Breakfast Buffet started when they realized that the market was flooded with dog treats, most of which contain artificial or processed ingredients. Even many dog treats and foods that are labeled “all-natural” and “organic” contain ingredients like chicken, corn or cheese, which are fine for dogs but not exactly the best thing they can possibly eat from a nutritional stand-point. Henry in particular is obsessed with cheese, but too much makes his tummy hurt! Additives like corn syrup, sodium bi sulfate or yellow #5 are used in the same treats that claim to be healthy for your dog.


Made from the highest-quality ingredients such as real sweet potato, bananas and honey, Henry & Penny breakfast line of pet treats were created! They figured what better way to get all their canine friends and fans to eat healthy! The treats are great as a succulent snack for your dog, all while providing them necessary nutrients and helping to regulate their digestive and allergic issues.

Just as important as creating a product that is good for your dog, Henry & Penny wanted to make it fun for your loved one (and for you too)! The Henry and Penny breakfast items are suitable for any dog, anytime. It doesn’t hurt that they taste good too! Plus, who doesn't love breakfast!? ;)

We HOPE you’ll give our treats a try, but we’re SURE you’ll love them when you do!