Henry & Penny are two super-cute French bulldogs with an affinity for crafting, design and fun! Check out their line of amazing products, which feature the H&P Pet Shampoo, as well as beautiful glassware created with high-quality, outdoor vinyl.

H&P have over 100,000 followers on instagram and love to give back to charities, meet new friends and of course...NAP! 

"I'm not grumpy, I just need a nap."

Date of Birth: October 7, 2012
Stats: 24 lbs, 1.5 feet tall (but 3 feet long baby!)
Location: Born in NYC, currently living it up in Pittsburgh, PA.
Screenname: SirSnoresALot
Status: Single & fixed..but it’s all good!!
Education: Stubborn University
Likes: Sleeping, Tennis Balls, Car Rides, Napping, Getting food all over my face, Rolling around in my crate, Dozing Off..
Dislikes: Smoke Detectors, Storage Container Lids, Suitcases (I know when my humans are going away), Being the last to know what’s going on, Popcorn.
Favorite Food: Plain Non-Fat Yogurt & Freeze Pops
Ideal Mate: Someone sophisticated who can appreciate the finer things in life, like belly rubs!
On a Saturday You Can Find Me: Cruising around town checking out the ladies
Personality: I like to play with friends but I also need my space, geez.


"Hey there, buster. Say hi and get to know me!"

Date of Birth: A girl never tells her age..but if you must know..September 8, 2013
Stats: 22 lbs, 1 foot tall and voluptuous! *wink wink*
Location: Born in the New York City glamour, currently in PA to further my career
Screenname: Princess_Penny_143
Status: Wouldn’t you like to know?! ?
Education: Currently in school, but pursuing a modeling career!
Likes: Just about everything! But especially giving kisses, cuddling and tagging along with my older brother, Henry.
Dislikes: Vacuum cleaners & Lizards..that’s pretty much it!
Favorite Food: Whatever you’re having!
Ideal Mate: Looking for a dapper boy toy who likes to have fun.
On a Saturday You’ll Catch Me: …IF YOU CAN!!
Personality: Life of the party, DUH! <3