Our trip to Penn State University!

Our trip to Penn State University!

We went to Penn State for the weekend! The university is located in the beautiful town of State College, PA – dad went to school here!

We have been here once before but this time we had our own hotel room right in town

 and got to see the campus in session; the students LOVED us!

As we were exploring the downtown area and the school we got to smell and see all sorts of neat things.

Penny even found her long-lost family!!!!

We had so much fun at Penn State and felt so much love from the community and the students.

We got to eat ice cream at the Creamery but it’s ok because we walked almost 10 miles over the weekend! Needless to say we were pooped on our way home/once we got home. We can’t wait to go back!!

May 22, 2017 by Henry & Penny
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