H&P's Christmas Guide 2019

H&P's Christmas Guide 2019

‘Tis the season to spoil your loved ones! Henry & Penny have put together their very own gift guide filled with all their favorites to give gift ideas for dog owners, dog lovers, and, of course, your dog!

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Harness / Collar / Leash

When these diva dogs aren’t riding around in the car or stroller, or being carried in their backpacks, they walk around using only the most fashionable and safe harnesses from Frenchie Bulldog! *tip: use code HENRYPENNY for 10% off!*



 In order to help them get on and off the couch easily, they use their Paw Ramp and now they don’t get yelled at for jumping *ahem HENRY!!!*


H&P need to keep their million dollar smiles looking fresh and clean so they get their teeth brushed regularly with their own toothbrushes and toothpaste (beef flavored, yum!). We found this one on Chewy but most local pet stores carry this type!

 Dog Treats

Henry & Penny only eat the best, so of course their pantry (and Christmas stockings) are stuffed with their breakfast-themed, super healthy and fun H&P Treats. You can view our collection by clicking here - and the Breakfast Buffet trio of treats comes with free shipping! <3

 Car Seat

Every pampered pooch deserves to ride in style, so of course H&P each have their own comfy car seat from Chewy in a size Large. Not only are they able to see out the window better, but it also gives Henry his space since the seats keep Penny on her own side of the car  *side note - we put a bed sheet on it so we don't have to keep spot cleaning the car seat*



Once they arrive to their destination in the car, they have their luxury dog stroller to help get around when their little legs get tired. We use these for long walks but is also good for senior dogs or dogs who don't have full mobility of their legs.



For those off road places the stroller can’t get to, the pups hang out in their stylish backpacks from K9 Sport Sack. They are kept warm and secure while they get to see cool things like Garden of the Gods in Colorado!

 Christmas Ornament

H&P’s online store offers the cutest Christmas ornaments, featuring dog images with glitter or a snow globe and tree with personalization!

Dog Bed 

Though they sleep in the bed with their humans, sometimes a dog just needs their own mattress and they have their own beautiful customized one from Lilly & Abbie.



Whenever they get baths, H&P use their amazing Organic Pet Shampoo, Peppermint Chill for Henry, and Lavender Crush for Penny, which leaves them clean, smelling great, and with silky smooth skin and fur.



Penny gets a little anxious in the car sometimes and CBD helps her out with calming her down a bit, we prefer CBD oil to give with a dropper since they typically work quicker than treats infused with CBD. There are a LOT of different types out there - but we have this brand from The CBDistillery


They get these delicious bad boys every morning to help keep their bones and joints healthy. Bonus: they LOVE the taste!!


Other Gifts 

In addition to the Breakfast Treats, Christmas Ornaments, H&P’s online shop has an array of glassware (wine and coffee) with high quality outdoor vinyl for the pooch lover in your life.