Itchy Paw Club, Party of One!

Itchy Paw Club, Party of One!

Itchy Paws..let's talk about them!

Poor Henry has allergies when he steps on wet grass. He wasn't always like this. He spent the first couple years of his life in NYC (no grass), then we were in Tampa, FL (dry grass) and now we are here in Pittsburgh, PA..where there is LOTS of wet grass in the morning. 

Once he comes inside, we wipe his paws with non-scented baby wipes and then dry them as much as possible. The allergens must still be present because all day, all I hear is *slurp, slurp, slurp* Henry's licking his paws again!

We tried putting socks on him because MAYBE that would help him stop licking. It did work, but it was only a temporary solution. 

Henry has itchy paws - we hoped these socks would help stop with the itching.

After doing a little research online, we saw information about a Povidone-Iodine soak for dogs with itchy paws! It's something you can find at any convenience store (look for it by the Hydrogen Peroxide). It will help kill germs, burns, scrapes and minor cuts. Also, it doesn't stain the paws, especially if you're a lighter colored doggo.

All you have to to do is:

  • Mix a little bit of it into a container large enough to hold your dogs paws (in this case, we used a casserole dish and did two paws at a time). 

Henry with an itchy paw soak

  • Just mix until the solution looks like iced tea (not the rapper!) and soak for 2-5 minutes. 

  • Dry off paws for a bit (Henry doesn't mind a nice hairdryer!)

  • RELAX! You're done!! 

Now, this isn't a fix-all, but it definitely helps remove the allergens to take the down the itching a notch. It's also a good idea to consult with a vet if you are concerned about the itchiness. 

 Check out our organic, all natural shampoo - it smells AMAZING and it gentle enough for the most sensitive puppers. Take a look, try it out & let us know what you think!


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August 14, 2017 by Henry & Penny