Canidae Pet Food - Why We Are Obsessed!

This post is sponsored by Canidae Pet Food.

Guys, I think it’s time that we talk about our all time favorite subject - FOOD! If you are anything like Henry & Penny, they are very food soon as they finish eating breakfast they’re already thinking about dinner, yum! While they have an appetite for many different things (you could say they have a diverse palette), we have to be careful because they are French Bulldogs. A lot of Frenchies, along with other breeds, can be prone to allergies, skin issues, sensitive stomachs, etc., so we have to be a little more careful about what they are being fed. 

Since the day we brought Henry home, he was sent home with some wet and dry food to feed him. He was our first dog and we didn’t know about all the food brands at that point, so we continued him on this specific brand to not upset his stomach and figuring the continuity would be helpful. It just so happens that the food Henry had been eating since he was a puppy was from a pet food company called CANIDAE. They make their pet food in Texas at a local facility and have been around since 1996. Although they’ve grown substantially since their humble beginnings delivering food from the back of their pick-up trucks, their commitment to pets and their people has remained the same. That much is obvious in the quality of food that they make (and why we love them so much!)

We have tried most of their flavors, but the most recent superstar (and favorite of Henry & Penny) of the bunch is the Canidae® All Life Stages dry food. It makes breakfast & dinner time so easy since H&P both can’t get enough of this food. Sometimes we’ll add little things on it like plain nonfat yogurt, a little spoonful of peas, or a fish oil capsule, but the foundation is always CANIDAE. Henry & Penny’s coats are both very soft, they don’t scratch a lot (besides some seasonal allergies) and they love the taste of this. They always have great energy levels and we’ve been very lucky that they’ve been healthy throughout their lives. CANIDAE has been part of the family since Henry was born and we would never want to change that. 

CANIDAE's dry food is made only from wholesome grains and doesn’t contain any corn, wheat or soy (which is good for us and keeps H&P gas-free!!). It is also great for multi-dog homes like ours since it’s vet formulated for dogs at every stage of their lives.


Although we have been feeding our pups CANIDAE for over 7 years, when the company asked us to partner with them, there is no way we could turn them down. It’s like having your favorite celebrity ask you out to lunch! Of course every dog is different and it’s important to find out what your pup does best with, which ingredients and formulas, and always following your veterinarian’s advice. The great thing about CANIDAE is they have something for any dog, so go check out their array of choices and see which one is best for your bud! Check out their selection at today.


March 13, 2020 by Henry & Penny