H&P Organic Pet Shampoo - Read All About It!

People are probably wondering, "HEY! Why did you guys start selling dog shampoo?". The answer is simple: because we wanted to! No, but seriously, this stuff is amazing.

We sought out the BEST company in the USA to manufacture the organic and all natural shampoo for us. We decided on two different scents:

Peppermint Chill – Icy and refreshing for your doggie dude
Lavender Crush – Sweet and sensational for your doggie diva

They smell SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!! After giving our own dogs a bath, this stuff *seriously* made their coats velvety smooth...even for WEEKS after...SOFT AF!

Synthetic detergents (not ours) contain many ingredients which are toxic and harmful to our four legged friends. Instead, conscientious pet owners should use natural liquid soap products (like ours!) designed with your pets health and well-being in mind. Dogs should be bathed every month to remove accumulated toxins that can make them more susceptible to disease. However, excessive bathing, especially with improper cleaning products, may remove natural oils and dry out a pet’s skin and coat.

Many animals develop sensitivities to the detergent chemicals commonly used in pet shampoos today. Because no chemical detergents, synthetic fragrances, colors, or antimicrobial preservatives are used in our Organic Pet Shampoo, the possibility of sensitivity reactions is greatly reduced. The natural essential oil blend also helps to repel fleas and ticks without poisoning your pet.

Click HERE to check them out for yourself and let us know how much it has improved your dog's coat! :)

April 20, 2017 by Henry & Penny


David Louvet

David Louvet said:

Most dogs only need a bath every month or two, but some breeds need more baths than others. My dog like love getting as dirty as possible so I’ve used the Oatmeal & Honey 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner several times already haha.

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