Adventures in Retail

Adventures in Retail

As many of you know, Henry & Penny have their own line of DELICIOUS and healthy, breakfast-themed dog treats. A little over a year ago we received our first wholesale order from a store called Healthy Pet Products, with 3 locations around Pittsburgh. Well, they just re-ordered FOR THE 8TH TIME, so we figured we would do a little blog about our treat adventures.

H&P Grain Free Treats are now carried in over a dozen stores, here are some of our partners that carry or have carried the yummy goods:

and soon we will be carried by

We attended a lot of local events (before the pandemic), and they were a lot of fun plus people got to say hi to Henry & Penny! I Made it Market is a local Pittsburgh upscale series of markets that are held throughout the year, and we have worked many of them! We’ve also done events with The Dog Stop, several at the Ace Hotel, a pop up market at the Monroeville Mall and even a Christmas Market at the Union Trust Building in downtown Pittsburgh! Our treats sell extremely well in-person, people just couldn’t get enough of the treats - and frenchie kisses.


We’ve also partnered with organizations doing flash sales and donating proceeds to help raise awareness to their cause, such as French Bulldog Rescue Network and the local Pittsburgh organization Hello Bully.

We are excited to continue growing the treat business and providing a healthy and high-quality product to make dogs everywhere smile! Thank you to the customers who have made our treats a success.

August 11, 2020 by Henry & Penny
All Aboard to Salt Lake City!

All Aboard to Salt Lake City!

Nestled in the mountains of Northern Utah, Salt Lake City was a breathtaking place to visit during our road trip last Spring. One of the coolest things was visiting the City Creek Center, a shopping mecca that, wait for it….is PET FRIENDLY!!

That’s right, Henry & Penny strutted their stuff up and down the beautifully designed outdoor.

AND indoor spaces of the mall, and got lots of attention in the process.

One of the best part of our stay was being hosted by TownePlace Suites by Marriott Salt Lake City, where GM Travis and the fabulous staff were incredibly friendly and gave us belly rubs the whole time. The location was super convenient and our room was amazing, and it really enhanced our whole stay in Salt Lake City.

Although dogs are not allowed, it was still really neat to walk by the Mormon complex of Temple Square, the foundation of Salt Lake City.

We made it up to the City Capitol with a great view of the city and surrounding area.

We also made a stop at The Gateway, an outdoor shopping and entertainment complex where a scavenger hunt was going on and we also got to meet up with our friend comedian Dan Soder for a show which just happened to work out!

One afternoon while in SLC we just drove up the mountains right in town and wandered the neighborhoods higher up, and honestly this was one of the most incredible experiences because everywhere you looked there were just amazing views and mountains for miles. We cannot wait to return to Salt Lake City!

*Henry was recovering from an upper respiratory infection so he may look a little out of it. We took it very easy with him and made sure he was comfortable while having as much fun as possible!
Henry & Penny Travel to San Diego!

Henry & Penny Travel to San Diego!

Hey fur-ends! With everyone staying in and social distancing, we thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase some of our favorite stops on our road trip we took last Spring. First one up - San Diego! 

What an amazing city, even if you’re not a “beach” person, San Diego is just absolutely beautiful and has so much to offer. Henry & Penny especially loved how clean the city was overall, and unlike some other seaside cities, there are some really fantastic views to be had around town!

Some of our favorite stops and sights included the Liberty Public Market where we had some yummy food and got to hang outside on their sweet patio area.

And seeing the seals in La Jolla made Penny very happy and slightly jealous!

We visited some of the famous beaches too, like Mission Beach (which this Bao place had the MOST delicious food!!!!)

At Pacific Beach we even had a play date with our friends in Frenchie Bulldog! Here's Bridget & Leo!

We also loved some of the scenic overlooks and views, such as Mt. Soledad and Sunset Cliffs.

There’s also great places to check out and wander around like Old Town, which has a very quaint feel of a town south of the border with tons of fun shops, and of course a trip to San Diego wouldn’t be complete without visiting Balboa Park with its many amenities and facilities such as the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Air and Space Museum and the Japanese Friendship Garden.

We cannot WAIT to go back to San Diego, definitely one of our favorite cities and beautiful weather to match!

Stay Classy, San Diego!

Canidae Pet Food - Why We Are Obsessed!

This post is sponsored by Canidae Pet Food.

Guys, I think it’s time that we talk about our all time favorite subject - FOOD! If you are anything like Henry & Penny, they are very food soon as they finish eating breakfast they’re already thinking about dinner, yum! While they have an appetite for many different things (you could say they have a diverse palette), we have to be careful because they are French Bulldogs. A lot of Frenchies, along with other breeds, can be prone to allergies, skin issues, sensitive stomachs, etc., so we have to be a little more careful about what they are being fed. 

Since the day we brought Henry home, he was sent home with some wet and dry food to feed him. He was our first dog and we didn’t know about all the food brands at that point, so we continued him on this specific brand to not upset his stomach and figuring the continuity would be helpful. It just so happens that the food Henry had been eating since he was a puppy was from a pet food company called CANIDAE. They make their pet food in Texas at a local facility and have been around since 1996. Although they’ve grown substantially since their humble beginnings delivering food from the back of their pick-up trucks, their commitment to pets and their people has remained the same. That much is obvious in the quality of food that they make (and why we love them so much!)

We have tried most of their flavors, but the most recent superstar (and favorite of Henry & Penny) of the bunch is the Canidae® All Life Stages dry food. It makes breakfast & dinner time so easy since H&P both can’t get enough of this food. Sometimes we’ll add little things on it like plain nonfat yogurt, a little spoonful of peas, or a fish oil capsule, but the foundation is always CANIDAE. Henry & Penny’s coats are both very soft, they don’t scratch a lot (besides some seasonal allergies) and they love the taste of this. They always have great energy levels and we’ve been very lucky that they’ve been healthy throughout their lives. CANIDAE has been part of the family since Henry was born and we would never want to change that. 

CANIDAE's dry food is made only from wholesome grains and doesn’t contain any corn, wheat or soy (which is good for us and keeps H&P gas-free!!). It is also great for multi-dog homes like ours since it’s vet formulated for dogs at every stage of their lives.


Although we have been feeding our pups CANIDAE for over 7 years, when the company asked us to partner with them, there is no way we could turn them down. It’s like having your favorite celebrity ask you out to lunch! Of course every dog is different and it’s important to find out what your pup does best with, which ingredients and formulas, and always following your veterinarian’s advice. The great thing about CANIDAE is they have something for any dog, so go check out their array of choices and see which one is best for your bud! Check out their selection at today.


March 13, 2020 by Henry & Penny
H&P's Christmas Guide 2019

H&P's Christmas Guide 2019

‘Tis the season to spoil your loved ones! Henry & Penny have put together their very own gift guide filled with all their favorites to give gift ideas for dog owners, dog lovers, and, of course, your dog!

Also, please make sure to check out our instagram page - feel free to message us or email us if you have any recommendations that aren't listed!!

Harness / Collar / Leash

When these diva dogs aren’t riding around in the car or stroller, or being carried in their backpacks, they walk around using only the most fashionable and safe harnesses from Frenchie Bulldog! *tip: use code HENRYPENNY for 10% off!*



 In order to help them get on and off the couch easily, they use their Paw Ramp and now they don’t get yelled at for jumping *ahem HENRY!!!*


H&P need to keep their million dollar smiles looking fresh and clean so they get their teeth brushed regularly with their own toothbrushes and toothpaste (beef flavored, yum!). We found this one on Chewy but most local pet stores carry this type!

 Dog Treats

Henry & Penny only eat the best, so of course their pantry (and Christmas stockings) are stuffed with their breakfast-themed, super healthy and fun H&P Treats. You can view our collection by clicking here - and the Breakfast Buffet trio of treats comes with free shipping! <3

 Car Seat

Every pampered pooch deserves to ride in style, so of course H&P each have their own comfy car seat from Chewy in a size Large. Not only are they able to see out the window better, but it also gives Henry his space since the seats keep Penny on her own side of the car  *side note - we put a bed sheet on it so we don't have to keep spot cleaning the car seat*



Once they arrive to their destination in the car, they have their luxury dog stroller to help get around when their little legs get tired. We use these for long walks but is also good for senior dogs or dogs who don't have full mobility of their legs.



For those off road places the stroller can’t get to, the pups hang out in their stylish backpacks from K9 Sport Sack. They are kept warm and secure while they get to see cool things like Garden of the Gods in Colorado!

 Christmas Ornament

H&P’s online store offers the cutest Christmas ornaments, featuring dog images with glitter or a snow globe and tree with personalization!

Dog Bed 

Though they sleep in the bed with their humans, sometimes a dog just needs their own mattress and they have their own beautiful customized one from Lilly & Abbie.



Whenever they get baths, H&P use their amazing Organic Pet Shampoo, Peppermint Chill for Henry, and Lavender Crush for Penny, which leaves them clean, smelling great, and with silky smooth skin and fur.



Penny gets a little anxious in the car sometimes and CBD helps her out with calming her down a bit, we prefer CBD oil to give with a dropper since they typically work quicker than treats infused with CBD. There are a LOT of different types out there - but we have this brand from The CBDistillery


They get these delicious bad boys every morning to help keep their bones and joints healthy. Bonus: they LOVE the taste!!


Other Gifts 

In addition to the Breakfast Treats, Christmas Ornaments, H&P’s online shop has an array of glassware (wine and coffee) with high quality outdoor vinyl for the pooch lover in your life.

Keeping an EYE on Cataracts - Henry Health Update

So a funny thing that Henry likes to do (and probably most frenchies) is stand perfectly still and then run as fast as he a rocket..from zero to sixty, Henry is off in a flash! A few weeks ago, we were visiting some friends and he did this very thing from the end of the yard and just ran right into the firepit in the middle of the yard. We checked on him, showered him with lots of love and he was okay although a little shaken.


Now it wasn’t very bright out but it was certainly unusual for him to run into an object like he did, and that was compounded when he bumped into my leg while I was wearing black pants, as if he hadn’t seen the leg at all. When we returned home we made an appointment to see Henry’s vet who checked him out and confirmed that he is developing cataracts. 

We had to schedule an appointment to see an ophthalmologist to get Henry’s eyes checked by a specialist and they ran a series of tests while Henry begged for belly rubs. The diagnostic tests were a tear production management, measuring the intraocular pressure (IOP) and staining his eye with drops to evaluate the ocular surface.  

Ultimately, Henry was diagnosed with early onset cataracts, and the only recourse is to perform surgery to remove the cataract, which blocks light from entering. However it would require putting him under general anesthesia which is always a little risky, especially for dogs like Henry who are flat-faced (brachycephalic) and can have respiratory issues. Also the surgery is only successful approximately 2/3 of the time…so with all this, our doctor recommended to keep an eye on things (no pun intended) to determine progression of the cataracts.  

In dogs, the most common cause of cataract formation is genetics. The cataracts are inherited and can either be present at birth (congenital) or can develop later in life. The second most common cause of cataracts in dogs is diabetes. We ruled this out of Henry’s prognosis though. 

Henry is still able to see but in the meantime we give him lots of love and attention, and try to make sure that there aren’t any dangerous items around, or many obstacles for him to run into. We also make sure when we’re walking him that he doesn’t walk into poles, or fall into a dip in the ground and hurt himself. We also leave a little night light on for him to see and have a ramp for him to use instead of stairs to the bed/couch.

Consider checking your dog for cataracts if you see a cloudy film in their eyes or if they are running into things as well. Henry is currently not in any discomfort but eventually we may consider surgery, although there is always a possibility the cataracts may not continue to worsen so for now we are monitoring things and Penny is helping her brother out whenever she can.

November 19, 2019 by Henry & Penny
Trick or Treat! ...Wait, did someone say TREAT?!

Trick or Treat! ...Wait, did someone say TREAT?!

Henry & Penny LOOOOOVE Halloween, because it means they get to dress up in all of their sweet costumes 👻 Truth be told, they have so many outfits they could probably open up a pop up Halloween store 😜. To help get you and your pup in the spooky spirit, here are some of their favorite ensembles 🎃


Heinz Ketchup & Heinz Mustard 🍔🌭
Living in Pittsburgh, this is a no brainer - it’s their favorite condiment! 

Stitch (Lilo & Stitch) 💙
Since stitch is a frenchie doppleganger, this one is so easy you could say it’s a stitch

Giraffe 🦒
Although frenchies aren’t generally known for their long necks, somehow Henry still pulls it off

Chefs 👨🏻‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳
H&P already are bakers with their own line of breakfast themed dog treats, bone appetite!

Chick Magnet & Chick 😍
Henry is known to be a ladies man, and Penny is happy to be his wing man

Cowboy 🤠
Well well pardner, what are you doing around these parts..this is Henry’s yard!
Dumb & Dumber 🤓🤨
An homage to one of their favorite films, although Henry & Penny are just a bit smarter than Lloyd & Harry

Steve Harvey 👨🏽
The mustache speaks for itself

Elvis Presley 🕺🏻
Henry is the king of Frenchies, so it’s fitting that he would dress up as the king of rock n’ roll

Punk Rock Penny 💖
Britney Spears circa 2007

Bret Michaels 🎼
You could say Henry is a Rock of Love

Hipster Nerds 🤓
Henry & Penny are on their way to building the next revolutionary app

Donkey 🍑
Henry can be an ass sometimes after all

Guy Fieri 🔥
Who DOESN’T want to take a trip to Flavortown?!

UPS Delivery Man 📦 
Henry doesn’t just ship out all of the cool items from our store, he also personally delivers them!

Unicorn 🦄
Penny is a rare, one of a kind creature after all

Thing 1 & Thing 2 ❤️💙
Is this even really a costume for Henry & Penny

Sonic the Hedgehog 💙
Henry loves video games but Mario and Luigi were already taken

Steelers Cheerleader 💛🖤
Penny loves rooting for her team

Tarantula 🕷
Imagine seeing this spider running across your yard!

Basic B*tch 🎃
Penny loves her pumpkin spice, fall and uggs boots after all

Lumberjack 🌲
Henry loves plaid but he’s not really great at wielding an axe

Henry is a big fan of the outback (both the region and the steakhouse)
Henry shark doo doo doo doo doo, Penny shark doo doo doo doo doo


Happy Halloween to all our friends out there, and may your costumes be spooktacular! 🎃👻☠️

Henry & Penny are Professional Road Trippers!

Henry & Penny are Professional Road Trippers!

Being French Bulldogs, we know a thing or two about living the pampered life. When our humans decided to get married and plan a 2 month road trip, we offered to be co-pilots and help them out! So we thought it would be great to share with all our canine pals the BEST places to stay when you are traveling!

Check out some of our recommendations below where we felt like VIPs (Very Important Pups!)

Vancouver, Canada - The Sutton Place Hotel
Boy, was this place incredible, we even had our own suite with French(ie) Doors and an incredible view of this beautiful city. It was super comfortable and even though we were right in the city, it was also quiet and conveniently located. Upon arrival, we found the following items in our room: GIANT dog beds (one for each of us!), food and water bowls, toys AND treats!
Pet info: Allows two pets up to 45 lbs. with an additional fee of CAD $40 per stay.

Salt Lake City,
UT - TownePlace Suites
Make sure to ask for Travis, he's the best! This place was fancy without being pretentious, and the staff was so incredibly nice - we miss them (and their amazing belly rubs!) Plus SLC is such a cool place to visit.
Pet info: 2 pets 50 pounds max per room with USD 100 non-refundable fee per room per stay

TN - World Famous Landmark Peabody Hotel
Penny was on a mission to find the ducks that walk to the fountain in the lobby twice a day. The lobby of the hotel reminded us of Grand Central Station in NYC where Henry & Penny are originally from, so they felt right at home :)
Pet info: Accepts two pets up to 75 lbs for an additional fee of $100 per stay.

Las Vegas, NV - The Flamingo
We would love to tell you all about how great our stay was here, but since what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we were sworn to you just have to check it out for yourself!
Pet info: Welcomes two dogs up to 50 lbs for an additional fee of $85 per night, plus a $100 refundable deposit per night.

Red Roof Inn - They are a pet traveler's best friend, with locations all across the country and no frills accommodations. The best part is they have NO PET FEES!!! That's pet fees at all! Plus, they have free coffee all day long for the humans so they can keep up with us! So bring your dogs with you, Red Roof has your back! They also offer 10% off with the code: VP# 604673
We stayed at Red Roof Inn in the following locations:
Nashville, TN - Red Roof PLUS+ Nashville Airport
San Diego, CA - Red Roof Inn San Diego/Pacific Beach
Los Angeles, CA - Red Roof Inn San Dimas
San Francisco, CA - Red Roof PLUS+ San Francisco Airport
Seattle, WA -  Red Roof Inn Seattle Airport
Monterrey, CA - Red Roof Inn & Suites Monterrey
Grand Junction, CO - Red Roof Inn Grand Junction
Chicago, IL - St. Clair Hotel - We had an extra special stay in Chicago at the St. Clair Hotel, a Red Roof property, and it was amazing!! It was a luxury brand of their hotels and right downtown - loved it here!

No matter what hotel you choose, we can all agree that travel is more fun when you can bring your best friend(s) along. And having  a comfortable place to stay makes it even better 🐶❤️🐾 

4 Puppy Essentials You Shouldn't Skimp On

As you may have already discovered, owning a new puppy isn’t cheap. In between the visits to the vet and all of the treats you buy your puppy, it can seem like the expenses won’t end. So we certainly understand if you’ve found yourself trying to save some dollars by opting for the cheapest items available.

But while this can be a good strategy, there are some essentials for a new puppy that you really shouldn’t skimp on. Contrary to what you may believe, not all puppy items are created equal. 

A couple of dollars saved in the long run really isn’t worth it for your puppy’s leash and collar, dog food, and toys. These essential items require a bit more budget to ensure your puppy is getting the healthiest and most quality care. If you’re wondering why, read on, and we’ll teach you why you may want to return that budget buy.

A Leash & Collar

A leash for your puppy is definitely one item you shouldn’t skimp on. Leashes not only come in a variety of colors, they also differ greatly in the features and level of comfort they provide your puppy. Consequently, there are a number of considerations you should make before handing over your credit card.

As Cesar’s Way highlights, the type of leash you choose depends on your particular puppy’s walking style, behavior, and body. Take the time to read about the differences, and select a style that will best support your puppy on their walks.

Don’t forget to consider your needs as a puppy owner too. For instance, some leashes offer extra comfort for your hands, so they won’t start hurting after a long walk. Another thing to think about is that an investment in higher-quality materials will allow you to save money in the long run, since you won’t have to worry about regularly replacing these items.

You should also think about any additional features you may want your leash and collar to have. For example, some come with an illuminating feature that gives your puppy some extra visibility when walking at night. Do your homework, as there are literally thousands of leashes and collars to pick from! 

Dog Food

Perhaps dog food is one of those items that you mistook for being all the same. After all, your dog doesn’t have a gourmet palate, so isn’t all dog food the same? We hate to break it to you, but there is a big difference between different brands of dog food. Not to mention that your puppies dietary needs are completely different from those of an adult dog. 

As such, you should be buying quality dog food specifically for puppies. Once you read up on the differences between different brands and types of dog food, you may find yourself astounded that you ever thought they were all the same! 

As you’ll learn, dog food may or may not contain certain harmful additives. They may have added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, or they may not. Perhaps you’re concerned whether the food is GMO-free or not. The list is truly endless. Upping your budget will give you a greater range of dog food to choose from, and therein, a better chance of tracking down the food most suitable to your puppy’s particular needs.

The same goes for dog treats too – pick a brand that has wholesome ingredients packed in their treats, and is delicious too!


Just like children, play is an essential part of a puppy’s healthy development and growth. The good thing is that puppies are naturally playful and affectionate, so usually you won’t have any trouble persuading your puppy to play with you and run around. 

So why is it important to not buy your puppy the cheapest toy you can find? Some cheaper toys are made with chemicals that may be harmful to your puppy. If you care about the environment, you also may be interested to learn that cheaper toys often use non-environmentally friendly materials that more expensive brands are more likely to avoid.

Curiously, while there is a body that checks the safety of all toys for humans, there is not an equivalent organization that regularly test animal toys. What’s more, there are no federal standards regarding pet toys. 

Not to worry, though! There are many toxic pet toy alternatives to choose from as a pet owner. To keep toxic materials at bay, a good rule of thumb is to always read the label of pet products or the product description if you’re shopping online. 

This is a guest post by Cynthia Lopez from PetLifeToday

July 31, 2018 by Henry & Penny
Itchy Paw Club, Party of One!

Itchy Paw Club, Party of One!

Itchy Paws..let's talk about them!

Poor Henry has allergies when he steps on wet grass. He wasn't always like this. He spent the first couple years of his life in NYC (no grass), then we were in Tampa, FL (dry grass) and now we are here in Pittsburgh, PA..where there is LOTS of wet grass in the morning. 

Once he comes inside, we wipe his paws with non-scented baby wipes and then dry them as much as possible. The allergens must still be present because all day, all I hear is *slurp, slurp, slurp* Henry's licking his paws again!

We tried putting socks on him because MAYBE that would help him stop licking. It did work, but it was only a temporary solution. 

Henry has itchy paws - we hoped these socks would help stop with the itching.

After doing a little research online, we saw information about a Povidone-Iodine soak for dogs with itchy paws! It's something you can find at any convenience store (look for it by the Hydrogen Peroxide). It will help kill germs, burns, scrapes and minor cuts. Also, it doesn't stain the paws, especially if you're a lighter colored doggo.

All you have to to do is:

  • Mix a little bit of it into a container large enough to hold your dogs paws (in this case, we used a casserole dish and did two paws at a time). 

Henry with an itchy paw soak

  • Just mix until the solution looks like iced tea (not the rapper!) and soak for 2-5 minutes. 

  • Dry off paws for a bit (Henry doesn't mind a nice hairdryer!)

  • RELAX! You're done!! 

Now, this isn't a fix-all, but it definitely helps remove the allergens to take the down the itching a notch. It's also a good idea to consult with a vet if you are concerned about the itchiness. 

 Check out our organic, all natural shampoo - it smells AMAZING and it gentle enough for the most sensitive puppers. Take a look, try it out & let us know what you think!


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August 14, 2017 by Henry & Penny