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General Questions

Are you on social media?

Who the heck are Henry & Penny!?

How can I be informed of new products?

How can I contact you?

Orders & Payments

Can I edit my order?

I recently purchased an item and now it's on sale. Can I get a price adjustment?

Can I edit my shipping address after my order has been placed?


How long does it take to process my order?

General Shipping Information

My tracking information shows my package was delivered, but I don't have it. What do I do?

What are estimated delivery times?

Refunds & Exchanges

I'd like to refund an order - what's the procedure?

I changed my mind. Can I cancel my order?

Dog Treat Related Questions

Where are your treats made?

What's the shelf life?

Shampoo Related Questions

Can I use either shampoo on a male or female dog?

Is the shampoo safe for all dogs?

Will the shampoo treat any dog skin conditions?

How much shampoo should I use?

Why does my shampoo seem watery?

What ingredients are in your shampoos?

Drinkware Related Questions

How do I care for my new mug/wine glass?

Are these stickers?!

Do you do any custom work?